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Urban Remedy delivers fresh, organic, ready-to-eat meals, juices and snacks that are healing to people and the planet.

About Urban Remedy

Urban Remedy is committed to improving people’s health and the planet by delivering prepared meals that embody the belief that food is healing. The company strives to ensure each offering is low glycemic, anti-inflammatory and nourishing to every cell in the body. All foods and beverages are organic, plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO and dairy-free, and they are packaged in early-friendly, 100% recycled and recyclable materials. Food is made sustainably in small batches using locally sourced ingredients.Founded in 2009 by Neka Pasquale, Urban Remedy currently operates 270 grocery kiosks across 21 U.S. states. The company doubled its kiosk locations in 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, and ramped up its online ordering platform, which allows customers to have meals shipped directly to their homes. Urban Remedy is proud to be a Certified B Corp. and strives to continuously achieve the highest standards of social and environmental performance and accountability.

“Fresh organic, ready-to-eat meals, juices and snacks delivered to your door.”

Urban Remedy delivers plant-based, organic prepared meals that embody the belief that Food is Healing and empower consumers to conveniently eat ultra-fresh and clean. All of Urban Remedy’s ready-to-eat meals, snacks, and cold-pressed juices are certified organic, certified non-GMO Project Verified, and gluten-free. Urban Remedy operates 270 grocery kiosks in 21 states across the US.


Careers at Urban Remedy

Interested in current openings? Visit our Urban Remedy careers section to see if there is an opportunity that is a fit for your expertise, please reach out.

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