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Convergence of Opportunity

In addition to placing capital in our sector, Manna Tree is building a community of investors, founders, and health professionals with the potential to unlock unique investment opportunities. It all starts with our ethos and commitment to building long-term relationships.

A Global Network

Global Investor Base

Manna Tree partners with sovereign wealth funds, wealth management platforms, endowments, institutions, and high net worth investors who actively collaborate with asset managers. This global network creates meaningful deal flow and deep diligence resources for our investment strategy.

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Sector Focused Manager

At Manna Tree, we believe we bring the most value when we partner with growth-stage companies who are category leaders. With access to top health researchers and professionals, we are strategically positioned to identify emerging and growing categories within the consumer health industry.

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Upcoming Events


Global Health Forum

Our destination event at home in Vail, Colorado, features an all-day forum with leading experts on the future of longevity, nutrition and how consumers interact with both.
February 2023

Upcoming event

Global Finance Forum

Join in the conversation on the state of the global economy and current investment trends as we engage with our global network.

June 2023

Upcoming event

Leadership Summit

Manna Tree’s annual portfolio company gathering elevates best practices and performance across our investments.

September 2023

Upcoming event

North American Finance Forum

Join in the conversation on the state of the global economy, current investment trends, and how Manna Tree is investing in human health.

January 2024

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