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Harnessing the metabolic power of mushroom mycelium in discovering naturally transformative ingredients.

About MycoTechnology

Myco Technology is leading the charge in developing the next generation of plant-based protein using a breakthrough clean-label, plant-based protein that is developed through an innovative shiitake mushroom fermentation process. Myco uses the power of mushroom mycelium to deliver greater nutrition, boost functionality and eliminate ingredient drawbacks in foods, beverages and supplements.
Myco Technology’s PureTaste protein is a blend of pea and rice protein fermented with Shiitake mycelium that improves the flavor, functionality and nutrition of the protein blend. PureTaste is used in many food applications including extruded grain-based products, breads, snack foods, beverages, sauces, cereals, dairy alternative frozen desserts and processed meat applications.

“Leveraging Mushroom Fermentation To Discover Transformative Plant-Based Ingredients”

A B2B functional ingredient company with an innovative mushroom fermentation platform, Myco’s products include an organic bitter blocker that reduces sugar in consumer products and is a functionally and nutritionally exceptional plant-based protein.


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