2021 Annual ESG Report – Portfolio Company Updates

Jun 30, 2022 | General News

Manna Tree’s 2021 Annual ESG Report highlights the ESG practices of our portfolio company’s.1 Using the 2021 baseline assessments for each company, our goal as a firm is to annually showcase each companies progress towards ESG practices they aspire to improve. By using a third-party consultant to conduct the baseline assessments, Manna Tree has established a non-biased perspective on our portfolio’s ESG practices. While we see the value an ESG lens brings to our portfolio, the only characteristics that play a determinative role in Manna Tree’s investment decision making relate to human health (or, “+H”). This generally leads to the exclusion of investments that are counterproductive to human health.

Over the past 20 years, a majority of consumers have come to desire and are choosing healthier food and beverage options.2 We are demanding cleaner ingredients, more nutrient dense foods and transparency in the supply chain. This is a critical change when 88% of Americans are metabolically unhealthy.3 Furthermore, recent geopolitical and economic pressures have highlighted the importance of a resilient food supply chain, and a pandemic has reminded our global society of the importance of human health — and each lever that impacts it. Given the convergence of secular trends, we believe the food and beverage businesses that are poised to achieve scale and category leadership are those that promote human health.

Manna Tree was founded in 2018 with the aim of capitalizing on this transformation occurring in the global food and beverage industry. We strive to improve human health by investing in growth stage companies scaling healthy innovations in food and nutrition.

Located in Vail, Colorado, the Firm has raised over $560 million and is supported by global investors representing 18 countries. The companies in our portfolio reflect the diverse areas of the food supply chain where innovation can improve nutrition. From a technology enabled logistics and distribution business to an infant probiotic, from plant-based ingredient innovations to indoor controlled agriculture, these companies not only encompass our ethos, but they are engaged in ESG practices intended to both increase their value and benefit society.


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1. For Manna Tree, ESG factors are non-financial indicators that can influence, or be influenced by, Manna Tree’s investment. ESG factors are not determinative in our investment decision making.