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Maggie Maloney

Senior Accountant


Maggie Maloney is a dedicated and accomplished finance and operations professional with valuable experience in private equity.

Prior to Manna Tree, Maggie served as an Associate in Finance & Operations at Delta-v Capital, a Denver-based firm specializing in venture capital and private equity investments. In her role at Delta-v Capital, Maggie was responsible for a wide range of critical financial and operational tasks.

Prior to joining Delta-v Capital, she served as a Senior Associate and Associate in Private Equity & Venture Capital at MG Stover & Co., where she gained valuable experience in preparing and reviewing accounting data for numerous client engagements. She also played a pivotal role in preparing quarterly net asset value reporting, capital call, and distribution calculations. Her ability to draft annual financial statements and coordinate year-end audits with clients and independent auditors reflects her comprehensive financial expertise.

Maggie’s academic background is equally impressive, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Leeds School of Business. Her double emphasis in Accounting and Finance laid a solid foundation for her career in the financial services industry. Additionally, she holds an Associate’s Degree in Accounting from Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas.

Beyond her professional achievements, Maggie is an active and passionate individual. As an avid runner, she frequently hits the roads and trails, often accompanied by her beloved dog, Avery.

Maggie Maloney’s dedication to her work, her diverse skill set, and her love for staying active make her a valuable addition to any team. Her professional acumen and commitment to excellence continue to shine in her role as Senior Accountant at Manna Tree.


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