Charlotte Forfang

Senior Analyst

Charlotte spent her formative years in London and has always been a global citizen, enjoying travel and culture. She is half-Norwegian and found her love for the outdoors, hiking and skiing with her extended family in the mountains and fjords of Norway.

Charlotte graduated from Southern Methodist University with degrees in International Studies, French, and Political Science. She studied abroad in Paris, where she was a research assistant at Sciences Po. After her internship in Washington DC with the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association, she pursued a political consultant and fundraiser career. As a result, she developed professional relationships with major Texas donors and political candidates, members of U.S. Congress, Governors, and other leading figures across the United States.

Charlotte joined Manna Tree in June 2021 and was attracted to its vision of improving health through nutrition. She has always been passionate about eating well and living a healthy lifestyle.

She looks forward to exploring the ski slopes across Colorado and hiking with her beloved Golden Retriever, Stevie.

Charlotte Forfang