Private Briefing: PE Casts New Lines With Niche Funds

Mar 25, 2020 | Blog

As the market shifts due to rapid changes brought on by COVID-19, private equity funds are showing signs of prosperity. Time will tell how these newer niche strategies will perform in an economic downturn, though some new areas are likely to weather the storm better than others.

In a recent article, The Deal  highlights Manna Tree Partners’ strategy and success with minority investments, touting our success with Verde Farms. Co-founder and COO of Manna Tree, Brent Drever, is quoted in the article:


Food is an emotional component of a person’s everyday life. People will stop buying premium products that aren’t a necessity, like luxury items. What we know through research is that it’s hard from a psychological point of view to switch from quality foods.

Manna Tree’s mission to link food and health provides a dialogue for consumers that’s difficult to ignore once you have adopted the benefits.