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To deliver delicious, responsible, elemental beef that makes every mealtime feel meaningful and memorable.

About Verde Farms

Verde Farms believes in simple, uncomplicated food that benefits everyone – customers, animals, farmers and the environment. The company raises beef that is 100% grass-fed, free-range and free from antibiotics and hormones. Its approach focuses on respect for the animals, earth and farmers.
The idea for Verde Farms was born in 2005 when founder Dana Ehrlich traveled to Uruguay and first experienced the savory and delicious taste of true, free-range beef that was raised in the tradition of the South American gauchos. Since then, Verde Farms has been the leading pioneer of free-range beef. Today, the company is the United States’ number one supplier of organic, grass-fed beef in the country, sourcing 14 million pounds each year.

“Rooted In What Matters.”

A provider of 100% organic, grass-fed beef from cattle raised on pasture and with respect for the animals, earth, and farmers. Verde’s product is leaner, lower in calories, and higher in vitamins and nutrients than conventional beef.


Careers at Verde Farms

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