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Manna Tree Supports Two Food Industry Organizations

One of the ways Manna Tree is able to uncover relevant investment opportunities is by investing time and resources back to the food industry and organizations…

by | May 6, 2021

One of the ways Manna Tree is able to uncover relevant investment opportunities is by investing time and resources back to the food industry and organizations that provide support to growth-stage companies. We support two of the world’s leading organizations making an impact in the nutrition industry.

We are excited to announce our sponsorship of Future Food Tech and Nutrition Capital Network. Both of these companies provide cutting-edge, thought-leading events and content surrounding health, nutrition, and sustainability. The intersection of these sub-segments allows for insights and discussion surrounding topics such as commercialization issues and disruptive innovation.


A series of global summits (virtual and in-person) known as the most international gathering of food business leaders, investors, and food-tech innovators to transform innovation and investment in food.


Topics for this year’s summits include:

  • Food Security and Sustainability: Addressing Vulnerabilities Exposed by Climate Change and Population Growth

  • Bench to Production: Overcoming Scaling Challenges to Bring Novel Proteins to Market

  • The Future of Meat: Does the Answer Lie in Hybrid Products?

  • Boosting Immunity: Functional Foods to Help Us Live Longer – and Healthier

  • One Year On: How Have Consumption Habits Changed Post-COVID-19?

  • Unpacking the Possibilities: What Materials Hold the Key to a Plastic-Free Future?

  • Getting More Out of Plants: Entering the Next Phase of Plant-Based Ingredient Innovation

Manna Tree’s Managing Director, Pam Shephard, will be leading an industry roundtable during the June event on topics related to the future of the food industry. We’ll share more information as the event gets closer.


Nutrition Capital Network helps active investors make purpose-driven connections with curated health and wellness brands. Their events provide a marketplace experience, bringing together select brands with investors. The participants represent all facets of the industry, including ingredients and technology, natural and organic foods, functional foods, supplements, personal care, and household goods, and related technology solutions. Read their latest news here.

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We look forward to many months of intriguing discussions, introductions to leading businesses seeking capital from aligned partners and helping make a positive impact on the food industry.

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